How to modernize your website?

How to modernize your website instead of changing it?

If you dream of bringing your website up to date, but you do not have the budget, no problem! Simply make the following changes and your website will look like an "almost new" site.

Review only the homepage

Because before going on the other pages, many visitors arrive on your site via the homepage, it is always a good idea to be able to capture their attention from the first minute to quickly board the internal pages of the site. One of my clients wanted to highlight his TV appearances and some of his products, so that's what he did and until now he's done well.

Eliminate the sources of distraction

Unless your site has a sleek design with lots of empty space, it will necessarily look outdated. What you want is for a visitor to immediately fall back on your most important message, not that he is looking around the page for something that will eventually spark his interest.

Delete slideshows (or carousels of images), audio or video files in automatic reading (very annoying), sidebars and legend boxes (which deconcentrate) and calls to action on each page (disturbing).

Update your images

If the images on your site no longer accurately represent the products and services of your business - new products not added, old ones still in place - it's time to hire a photographer to update all your images.

Refresh your content

Take a critical look at your content. Is it concise and goes to basics? Does it interest your customers? Is it written in accessible French? Really try to condense your content - you do not need three paragraphs to pass a single idea.

The content is what you will have the most trouble updating yourself, for the simple reason that you are too close to your business. If you do not feel able, call a dedicated web editor to help you.

Streamline navigation

Making it easier for your visitors to access information that interests them can really make a difference. Study the navigation on your site and try to merge some of your pages, so as to access the information with fewer clicks. View your visit statistics and delete pages that are not visited.

Change the layout of your blog

Another way to make it easier for your visitors to find information is to slightly overhaul your blog. Ask your developer to change the layout of the home page to only show an excerpt of the content of the articles and not all of them. Your visitors can simply browse through your articles and find what interests them faster.

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—    Sahil Tanna