Virtual Private Server Or Dedicated Server

If you own a business and planning to setup a website, you got many web hosting options ranging from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated server hosting. But if a website is having heavy traffic and is expected to have more in future, then a shared web hosting plan might not be sufficient to fulfill the demands of that site.

Virtual private server and dedicated server are considered the best for medium to large sites with high resource needs and high volume of traffic.

But this situation rise a question that which hosting environment to choose -virtual private server vs dedicated server? As they both offer some common hosting benefits like-scalability of resources, root access, advanced security and more, it’s a bit hard task to pick one. But still there is existence of differences between dedicated server and VPS.

Learn about these two hosting solutions to know which one might be suitable to meet all your website requirements:

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Think of a ‘mother server’ that’s divided into multiple virtual compartments, and server software is setup on each server distinctly in order that each server can function individually.

As a name suggests Virtual, it is a type of web hosting server where hosting is done by divide. a main physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each server in the system gets their part of resources based on custom requirements. Each part of this VPS has capabilities of performing independent operations with its own operating system(Linux-Windows) and hardware resources dedicated to it.

In short, a VPS is just like an apartment with many flats where you share a building with other people but not your living space and resources allotted in it.

More stability and reliability

Shared web hosting will soon be a thing of the past. More RAM, separate web space and CPU devoted for your site only, gives you way better reliability and performance than shared web hosting.

Easy to setup

Due to software nature, can be very easily setup and deployed compared to a physical server.You can customized it to meet your needs so you pay for what you want but you do not need to deal with any features you will never need and that is convenient for most of the users.

Less Investment

Cost effective solutions for small websites VPS hosting solutions are much less expensive now than they were before. With advances in virtualization technologies, the prices are only expecting to decrease even more than now. Because of this, VPS hosting is now an option for all size websites – even if you are just starting a brand new site.

Beside this it was already less expensive than a full dedicated hosting plan that uses a physical server.


As individual servers are separated with each other, each website gets its own operating system and resources. This makes difficult for another server to invade the security.each VPS is indeed isolated virtual machine from all other VPS machines.

A Draw Back

As each website has its own operating system and other software, it is very difficult for web host to maintain all the operating system and ensuring maximum uptime. There are many factors attached to it like security, maintenance and updates.

What Should a VPS Not Be Used For?

VPS’s should not be used for tasks that require a lot of post processing on the server. Due to their virtual nature.It becomes difficult to manage virtual server during the large or unexpected traffic as most of the time resources are taken on the base of minimum was not designed to handle. Such tasks can include:


  • Video Processing
  • Photo Processing
  • Folding, and other number crunching based applications
  • Real-time media streaming


Thus, if you’re running a small to medium scale business or a gaming site/e-commerce site with highly informational data that draws medium traffic, or your website has the above demands then, VPS is the most suitable hosting solution for your site.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A server dedicated exclusively for your website. It makes you the sole owner of the server by offering you access to all the server resources. A dedicated server is simply a large, powerful computer you can rent from a web hosting company. It’s ideal if you have a high traffic website or websites

We can say, dedicated server is like a bungalow where you do not have to share anything with anyone and enjoy your space unconditionally.

Server resources are not shared

Unlike vps, You get 100% of the resources dedicated to only you.Since its processor power, disk space, memory and other system resources are not shared, it will not be slowed down or overwhelmed by traffic from other websites.The server is used only by your website/business with much greater access and more control over the server.

Enhanced performance and security

When you have a dedicated server, only a handful of people that you appoint will have access to it. Naturally, this means greater security.

With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you aren’t sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer.

Each server has it’s own unique IP address. This is especially important if you are a large running an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

Access to your website anytime you need

Sometimes it is quite needed to check how website is going to appear before pointing domain name to the server and beginning your website on the web without publishing it.Dedicated IP address will offer access server of altering DNS settings for the domain name.


Flexibility, the ability to install the services and software your business requires.Dedicated servers give you more control allowing you to install and configure the software that your business needs to run effectively. This means you have the flexibility to run the services you require and use your server in the manner you wish.

You can dedicate your server to a single task like a web server, a database server, an application server, a game server, a file server or anything else you require because you have the freedom to do it and as you can utilise the full resources of the server you can achieve optimum performance.

A Draw Back

One of the biggest disadvantages is cost. It is more expensive than the other hosting options out there.

Not for novice users, While dedicated servers rarely have major problems, if they do, it’s not as simple as calling support. You need to have someone expert available who can get to the problem right away.

Thus, websites  which demand ability to install heavy software-necessary  for ecommerce, gaming sites; application heavy pages, super-fast load times, secure storage options for  sensitive information/ data details, better performance rate when handling a high traffic should choose the fully managed dedicated server hosting.

Last Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of the different server types, you should have a better idea of which one might be right for you.If you have a larger company that needs the power of a dedicated server, and you can afford it and the maintenance, then it’s probably the best choice. However, those who have smaller sites and smaller budgets should be able to do quite well with a virtual server.

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—    Sahil Tanna