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How Cred Works?

Apply for CRED membership

Log on to CRED with your name and number and apply to be a member

Pay your credit card bills

Verify your cards, pay your credit card bills and earn equal cred coins

Claim exclusive rewards

Use cred coins to claim rewards from brands you love and enjoy the CRED experience

Credit Cards We Support

# HDFC Bank

# State Bank of India

# American Express

# Axis Bank


Q. Is cred app safe?

Here are a few things you might need to know reg. the CRED app safety,

Security:  As the founder of CRED App had prior experience in handling millions of users on Freecharge, its safe to assume that the app is completely secure.

Privacy: The app has an option to allow email access for reading your statements. If you feel this is a privacy issue as you’ll have other personal emails, consider using a separate email ac for linking with Cred. Or, if you can go through your statements line by line, you may ignore the feature.

Payments: It's safe to make bill payments at-least 1 week ahead as you can’t be sure what’s coming tomorrow. Just in case if it gets delayed more than 3 biz days, get in touch with CRED. Apart from that, never worry about the money, it's always safe.


A. Safety and security of data is a major issue that all financial firms must address. Our goal is to not collect nor store any personal information that is not required for regulatory and operating purposes. As you may have noticed, we do not use traditional passwords or logins. Not requesting, saving or storing data is one way to avoid anyone getting access to your personal data on CredSocial. See our privacy policy for more information.

Q. Is it really INTEREST free?

A. Yes! We never charge interest or fees to use our service. You may add a tip at the time of repayment if you choose. If you need to use our service for free that is your option, but even a token amount allows us to assist more people and provide the best service. 


A. The amount you are eligible to receive is determined by a number of factors, most importantly how much you are earning and have already earned in the past few weeks. Our system simply provides access to funds you have already earned.


A. Repayments are automatically deducted from the account you designate during the application on the agreed upon day(s). We will monitor your account and send reminders on each scheduled repayment date.


A. You can only have one active advance from the network at a time. As soon as you close and repay the previous advance you can request another one.

Q. HOW quickly do I receive funds?

A. If our proprietary system can validate your personal details such as name, address, employment, earned wages and various other data points, funds are placed in a virtual account that you can use instantly. The typical time frame from start to finish typically takes 10-15 minutes and funds are immediately accessible.

Q. Can I refer to others?

A. Yes, we make it easy to share the convenience of CredSocial. Social is in our name, after all. Successful, active referrals show your commitment to the network and our mission.



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